Apr 012004

This is the third time I’ve tried to set up a weblog. Maybe this time I’ll actually feel happy enough with the results that I start publicly using it, rather than bogging down installing and testing.

Unlike many people I know, I decided that my main reason for blogging was to blog, rather than to code a blogging system, and that I had no great desire to do so (using someone else’s work and then tweaking to suit my needs has always appealed). So I set out to find what software there is out there that I like the look of, and could install on the box in the basement which is my web server.

I tried Noah Grey’s Greymatter, but that isn’t being maintained very actively.

Sam Ruby suggested I try Blosxom, which I did, but that would have required rather more tweaking to do what I wanted than I felt like, particularly since there is a new version in the works.

By digging around and following serendipitous links, I came across WordPress. It took rather more than the promised 5 minutes to install (doesn’t it always) and rather more fiddling around with httpd.conf than promised as well, but eventually I got it up and running.

This weblog is the result.

Now the fun of fiddling XHTML templates and CSS styles and thinking about which hacks to install (yes, they call them hacks, although it looks like they will eventually be called plugins) is about to descend; expect the look and feel of this site to change as I have time to do this stuff.

For the time being I’m not enabling comments, trackbacks, or pingbacks. Maybe one day. In the meantime, feel free to send me email.

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