Conference Schemas Published

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Jul 162004

A flurry of last-minute small edits this morn­ing (we thought we had it done 6 times, but 7 proved to be the lucky num­ber). The XML 2004 con­fer­ence sub­set of Doc­Book is ready for speak­ers to use to write their pro­ceed­ings. And for vendors to use to pro­duce cus­tom­ized edit­ors — tools will be lis­ted on the XML 2004 Con­fer­ence web site.

In the mean­time, if you don’t want to wait for tools to be ready, the schem­as and guidelines, com­plete with indi­vidu­al ele­ment doc­u­ment­a­tion, are to be found at Con­fer­ence Schema and Guidelines. The schema comes in three lan­guages: DTD, RELAX NG, and W3C Schema. 

BTW, the speed at which Norm Walsh can crank out updates to cus­tom­iz­a­tions of Doc­Book is mind-boggling.

Tungsten Toy

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Jul 162004

Just got my new toy in the mail — a Palm Tung­sten T2. For some reas­on it doesn’t show up on the site any more. May­be I got the last one they had ;-). Pretty slick pack­aging, col­our screen, and bluetooth. I figured I didn’t really need the wire­less con­nectiv­ity that you get with the T3 (well, not for the extra money it would have cost). Ideally I would like a Treo but balked at the cost of that as well. May­be in a year or two when the prices have dropped. Mind you, I do quite like phones that act like phones, where you don’t look like quite as much of a dork when you’re talk­ing to it. So I’ll have to weigh that up again­st the con­veni­ence of all-in-one, and the incon­veni­ence when your all-in-one dies sud­denly.

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Field Trip to Boeing

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Jul 092004

I’m on the W3C’s Advis­ory Board (which, as its title sug­gests, gives advice to the W3C Team on vari­ous mat­ters, as well as pro­pos­ing edits to the Pro­cess Doc­u­ment for W3C). We hold a few meet­ings each year, mostly timed to coin­cide with lar­ger W3C meet­ings such as the Tech­nic­al Plen­ary week, or the Advis­ory Com­mit­tee meet­ings. This week’s meet­ing was two days, just for us, and hos­ted by Boe­ing (thanks to Ann Bas­set­ti, who put in an immense amount of work to find the right facil­ity!). And Ann man­aged to get us on the last fact­ory tour that was allowed to go on the fact­ory floor. Future tours will only be allowed to watch from the mezzan­ine level.

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