Conference Schemas Published

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Jul 162004

A flurry of last-minute small edits this morning (we thought we had it done 6 times, but 7 proved to be the lucky number). The XML 2004 conference subset of DocBook is ready for speakers to use to write their proceedings. And for vendors to use to produce customized editors – tools will be listed on the XML 2004 Conference web site.

In the meantime, if you don’t want to wait for tools to be ready, the schemas and guidelines, complete with individual element documentation, are to be found at Conference Schema and Guidelines. The schema comes in three languages: DTD, RELAX NG, and W3C Schema.

BTW, the speed at which Norm Walsh can crank out updates to customizations of DocBook is mind-boggling.

Tungsten Toy

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Jul 162004

Just got my new toy in the mail – a Palm Tungsten T2. For some reason it doesn’t show up on the site any more. Maybe I got the last one they had ;-). Pretty slick packaging, colour screen, and bluetooth. I figured I didn’t really need the wireless connectivity that you get with the T3 (well, not for the extra money it would have cost). Ideally I would like a Treo but balked at the cost of that as well. Maybe in a year or two when the prices have dropped. Mind you, I do quite like phones that act like phones, where you don’t look like quite as much of a dork when you’re talking to it. So I’ll have to weigh that up against the convenience of all-in-one, and the inconvenience when your all-in-one dies suddenly.

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Field Trip to Boeing

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Jul 092004

I’m on the W3C‘s Advisory Board (which, as its title suggests, gives advice to the W3C Team on various matters, as well as proposing edits to the Process Document for W3C). We hold a few meetings each year, mostly timed to coincide with larger W3C meetings such as the Technical Plenary week, or the Advisory Committee meetings. This week’s meeting was two days, just for us, and hosted by Boeing (thanks to Ann Bassetti, who put in an immense amount of work to find the right facility!). And Ann managed to get us on the last factory tour that was allowed to go on the factory floor. Future tours will only be allowed to watch from the mezzanine level.

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