Aug 202004

I hate being upsold. Relevant upselling (I’m buying a washing machine, the person says “this soap powder is specially designed to work with this style of washing machine”) is one thing. Irrelevant upselling, or upselling that takes more than one sentence just annoys me.

The latest example was, I call my bank about something this morning. We finish that transaction, I’m ready to get back to work, when the woman starts talking to me about who my long-distance phone provider is and telling me about their offerings! This wasn’t relevant to the previous transaction, she didn’t ask if it was a good time, and she didn’t even bother with the hitherto-obligatory “is there anything else I can do for you today” which used to be the standard closing formula.

Hairdressers (and the beauty business in general) are particularly prone to this; I just don’t go back to establishments that upsell too hard.

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