Nov 282006

I have the good for­tune to work with Pat Pat­ter­son at Sun and one of the things we dis­cussed quite a lot shortly before I went on mater­nity leave was how to make it easi­er for people to use Liber­ty pro­to­cols for their iden­tity needs. One of the com­plaints I’ve heard is that there isn’t enough sample code in the world show­ing how to use and imple­ment SAML. Given that Sun’s Access Man­ager does imple­ment SAML, along with vari­ous oth­er Liber­ty Alli­ance stand­ards, it seemed like it should be pos­sible to put togeth­er some sample code that uses Access Man­ager. And, given that Access Man­ager is now open source as part of OpenSSO, it made sense to cre­ate another open source pro­ject. But, this pro­ject should use lan­guages oth­er than Java, to give the LAMP (or MARS) developers and imple­ment­ors some code that they can use, tweak, and fur­ther develop. And put back into the pro­ject of course <grin>. I came up with a bunch of use­less names, and Pat came up with Light­bulb (goes with LAMP). Then as I waddled off into mater­nity leave, Pat did the pro­gram­ming and came up with a way to imple­ment a SAML 2.0 ser­vice pro­vider in pure PHP, without even need­ing the OpenSSO or Access Man­ager code. 

Pat’s giv­ing a webin­ar on this tomor­row morn­ing Paci­fic time; you need to register for it first.

We’re hop­ing that oth­er people will con­trib­ute rel­ev­ant code, in any lan­guage, for people to use when they want to imple­ment or integ­rate SAML cap­ab­il­it­ies into their sys­tems, wheth­er they’re blog­ging sys­tems, wikis, or any­thing else where iden­tity man­age­ment is use­ful. The pro­ject is loc­ated here; it’s easy to join, add a sub-project, and com­mit some code. Or just browse and see what’s there and what’s use­ful. Have fun!

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