Feb 102009

Aus­trali­ans learned so much from the Ash Wed­nes­day bush­fires (I was liv­ing in Mel­bourne at the time and still vis­it as often as I can); there was a sense that although every­one knew bush­fires are capri­cious and dan­ger­ous, that there were things to do to mit­ig­ate them. That all changed this week.

The com­bin­a­tion of years of inad­equate rain­fall, record high tem­per­at­ures, and arson meant there was no escape, no hope for those caught in the bushfire’s path. There are thou­sands of people out there fight­ing for people and anim­als, hop­ing and pray­ing for the rain that is the only solu­tion. The Aus­trali­an Broad­cast­ing Cor­por­a­tion Mel­bourne news site tells the story. 

I can’t find the right words to express my sor­row and sym­path­ies for those who lost fam­ily and friends in this hor­ri­fic way. All I can do is point people who want to help to some of the appro­pri­ate ven­ues. There’s the Aus­trali­an Red Cross, the Aus­trali­an Sal­va­tion Army, and some organ­isa­tions to help with anim­als and wild­life.