Feb 232009

I’m think­ing of regis­ter­ing a couple of domains. GoDaddy annoyed me with their lame Super­bowl ads, and their regis­tra­tion sys­tem is equally annoy­ing (far too many screens, all with options I have com­pletely zero interest in). Does any­one have recom­mend­a­tions for good basic regis­trars? What I want is basic .com|.org|.net, as well as .ca (sep­ar­ate regis­trars for all of these are ok). I don’t expect to host at the same place I register, so I don’t care about their host­ing pack­ages or email setups. A reas­on­able price and a straight­for­ward way to set the DNS servers is what I’m look­ing for. Remind­ers of regis­tra­tions that are about to expire come in handy as well.

BTW, please don’t flame regis­trars you don’t like in the com­ments. Just tell me the ones you do like (adding a sen­tence on why would be help­ful). Intem­per­ate com­ments run the risk of being deleted.