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I’m think­ing of regis­ter­ing a couple of domains. GoDaddy annoyed me with their lame Super­bowl ads, and their regis­tra­tion sys­tem is equally annoy­ing (far too many screens, all with options I have com­pletely zero interest in). Does any­one have recom­mend­a­tions for good basic regis­trars? What I want is basic .com|.org|.net, as well as .ca (sep­ar­ate regis­trars for all of these are ok). I don’t expect to host at the same place I register, so I don’t care about their host­ing pack­ages or email setups. A reas­on­able price and a straight­for­ward way to set the DNS servers is what I’m look­ing for. Remind­ers of regis­tra­tions that are about to expire come in handy as well.

BTW, please don’t flame regis­trars you don’t like in the com­ments. Just tell me the ones you do like (adding a sen­tence on why would be help­ful). Intem­per­ate com­ments run the risk of being deleted.

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  1. I’ve been using joker.com for about 8 years for a bunch of domains and been gen­er­ally happy. My require­ments are much the same as yours. They do .com, .net, .org, but not .ca.

    They had a prob­lem a few years back with a fire tak­ing out the elec­trics to their data centres (both primary and sec­ond­ary were on the same elec­tric­al grid, geo­graph­ic­ally). They’ve sub­sequently rec­ti­fied that and I can’t say I’ve had any cause for com­plaint.

  2. We use GoDaddy. They used to be MUCH less annoy­ing and straight­for­ward. They’re still the cheapest and most respons­ive, with the best bulk tools. I still recom­mend them (but I no longer tell our cli­ents to go register them­selves, because they WILL end up buy­ing the ASP form add on, etc. 🙂 )

  3. I use pair­NIC. Nev­er had any issues with them and everything “just worked”. I used them because I was mov­ing my host­ing to Pair Net­works.

  4. Hi, I have been using domainsite.com for the last 7 years, good folks in Col­or­ado.

    Yes to all; “I don’t expect to host at the same place I register, so I don’t care about their host­ing pack­ages or email setups. A reas­on­able price and a straight­for­ward way to set the DNS servers is what I’m look­ing for. Remind­ers of regis­tra­tions that are about to expire come in handy as well.”

  5. From Roland via Twit­ter (http://twitter.com/rtanglao/status/1242563753)

    @laurendw i recom­mend (and have no stock, fin­an­cial interest, etc.) in @namecheap for domains, namecheap.com

  6. +1 for NameCheap. I move every­one off of GoDaddy if I have any say, and also for first time regis­tra­tions. Because cli­ents can register them­selves, and won’t end up with any ser­vices they don’t need.

    They recently (1 — 2 years?) star­ted sup­port­ing .ca, so my pre­vi­ous choice of EasyDNS is no longer needed either.

    By default they do email for­ward­ing for free, so coupled with a Gmail account, you don’t usu­ally need email ser­vices at all.

    The biggest, bad­dest, most excel­lent fea­ture is that you can give access to mul­tiple accounts. Which means, I can setup an account for a cli­ent, give access to my “main” account to change basic DNS set­tings, and then hand the account over to the cli­ent to own. You can also register a domain with one account and then “push” the domain to another account.

  7. I second the recom­mend­a­tion for GoDaddy, which I use for tagsoup.info. If you buy your domain for a reas­on­ably long peri­od, you don’t have to nego­ti­ate the screens often, and they send you detailed instruc­tions for how to do the IANA-mandated recon­firm­a­tions. Yes, the UI sucks, but keep a clear head and you’ll be fine.

    That said, I may go with someone cheap­er for my next domain name.

  8. I altern­ate between GoDaddy and EasyDNS.com.

    Pluses for GoDaddy: it’s cheap. And, um. That’s about it. You get what you pay for in terms of user-friendliness. Their web­site UI causes me to dry heave whenev­er I log in.

    Pluses for EasyDNS: Just as the name says. Their ser­vice and UI make it incred­ibly easy to set up and man­age your domains. They handle .ca domains as well as .com/net/org etc. 

    The down­side to EasyDNS? It’s pricey com­pared to GoDaddy. But if I was that con­cerned about cost, I prob­ably wouldn’t have bought the Mac­Book that I’m typ­ing this on. 😉

  9. I’ve been quite happy with the folks over at http://www.dyndns.com/. Star­ted there on the basic free dynam­ic host­ing and they’ve evolved into a full ser­vice pro­vider with a straight­for­ward con­sole with everything you need without any sales crap. Per­fect ser­vice for the engin­eer.

  10. I cur­rently work at Dir­ecti –> http://www.answerable.com/

    On the oth­er hand, I really like Gandi. They have a fair amount of clue, and are extremely white­hat. They don’t seem to do .ca though.

  11. I spread my domains around — my primary email domain is with a loc­al Mel­bourne pro­vider and my affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing ones with GoDaddy. The real bene­fit is appre­ci­ated long after the pur­chase, e.g. soph­ist­ic­a­tion of the tools they provide and respons­ive­ness. We don’t watch the Super­bowl, thank god, so no idea what GD advert­ised there. GD is not the cheapest but their dis­count code SAVETEN works for most new pur­chases. If trans­fer­ring a domain there, they give (gave?) you the first year free.

  12. I use “inexpensivedomains.com”. Cheers, Tony.

  13. Stick with GoDaddy and ignore the sex­ism of the CEO (which per­vades their image). They have been totally reli­able for me.

  14. Domainsatcost.ca for inex­pens­ive .CA regis­tra­tion, also offer com/net/org/info and oth­ers.

  15. Hal­lo Frau Wood,

    nachdem ich gerade gese­hen habe, dass Sie lange Zeit in Deutsch­land gelebt haben, dachte ich, ich schreibe Ihnen mal zur Abwechslung auf Deutsch;-) 

    Also Regis­trar würde ich Ihnen http://www.1and1.com empfehlen. 1und1 ist nach GoDaddy die Num­mer 2 (oder auch 3) im welt­weiten Hosting-Business und sehr zu empfehlen: ein­fach­er und unkom­pliz­ierter Bestell­prozess und auch guter Sup­port.

    Viele Grüße aus Ber­lin

  16. I ended up with domainsite.com and have been using it for a few months now. Cheap, an under­stand­able UI that doesn’t push you to buy oth­er ser­vices, and it works just fine. They don’t do the .ca sites, but that’s the only down­side I’ve seen so far.

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