Apr 212011

Given the cur­rent state of OpenSol­ar­is (pre­cari­ous, judging by vari­ous posts I’ve seen over the last few months) I decided to move the base­ment devel­op­ment and blog host­ing machine back to Debi­an. I mostly use it for a couple of small Word­Press blogs, and try­ing out vari­ous things (the odd Djan­go pro­ject, Ruby on Rails, etc), so Debi­an is emin­ently suit­able for that.

Step one: move the Word­Press blogs on to an inter­im host­ing solu­tion, namely the same host where I cur­rently host this blog. My pack­age allows infin­ite add-on domains, so that works. To start with, I made sure I had no broken links on the blogs in their old home — I didn’t want to try to hunt down errors in the new blogs that already exis­ted on the old ones.

The whole pro­cess worked fairly well (install new Word­Press sys­tem on new host, export the old blog, import to the new one) except for a couple of wrinkles, which I’m detail­ing here for next time I need to do this.

  1. when set­ting up the new blog, before you’ve switched the DNS, don’t put the final URL in the set­tings dia­log. This just means you can’t log in to the tem­por­ary site and you have to go into PHPMy­Ad­min and fix the URL back to the tem­por­ary ver­sion. Get the site set up prop­erly first, then switch the blog URL and the DNS set­tings.
  2. The image attach­ment prob­ably won’t work. If you import the posts and check the “import file attach­ment” box, some of them will attach prop­erly, but not all, and you’ll have to manu­ally upload a cer­tain pro­por­tion of your images using SFTP or some­thing sim­il­ar. If you don’t check that box, none of the images will be attached to the right posts and you’ll have to manu­ally upload all of them. If you’ve used stand­ard markup to show pho­tos, that works any­way, but if you’ve used the gal­lery short­code, you’ll have to manu­ally attach the images to the post. The best plu­gin I’ve found to help with this is the Add From Server plu­gin, where you can attach the images after you’ve uploaded them all. It’s still a lot of work if you have a lot of images.

Apart from that, step one went well. Now I have to make sure I have all the oth­er use­ful files saved some­where, and get on with the OS install.

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