Aug 232011

I came across this weird prob­lem recently, where my Tungle account ( was only syn­chron­iz­ing some of the events on my Google cal­en­dar. I checked they were set to the right cal­en­dar (yes), marked as busy (yes), and still couldn’t find the answer. 

This is an issue that quite a few people have had. Appar­ently what’s going on is that Google cal­en­dar sup­ports three types of avail­ab­il­ity for events: free, busy, and tent­at­ive. In the UI on the browser and on the Android they only show the free (avail­able) and busy. BUT, when you cre­ate an event on the Android cal­en­dar, it’s assigned the “tent­at­ive” status. I have no idea why, since I added those events to the cal­en­dar myself, they’re not invit­a­tions that I still have to accept or decline. And the fact that there appears to be no way to change the status once the event has been cre­ated just makes it worse. I tried chan­ging the status manu­ally to “busy” in both the browser and the Android cal­en­dar app but that didn’t work. The only thing that did work was to delete the event and recre­ate on the desktop.

For­tu­nately tungle imple­men­ted a fix — you can choose to mark the sup­posedly tent­at­ive appoint­ments as “busy”. Here’s hop­ing any oth­er apps I may wish to sync with my Google cal­en­dar also imple­ment this fea­ture.

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