Nov 202012

I’m sure there are people who like having Evernote track where they recorded some note, but there are also some of us who don’t. Yes, I tend to be slightly privacy-oriented, or even more than slightly at times. If you’re in that category, here’s one way to delete the locations.

First off, they often come in when you have the Evernote app on your phone. On Android, to turn off the auto-location, you need to go to the Evernote app on your phone, go into settings, and click on “Other Options”. You should see something that says “Location for new notes” with two possible options underneath, one for GPS, and one for wireless networks. Make sure they’re both turned off. You might like to turn off Auto-title while you’re there, especially if you don’t like Evernote reading your calendar to find an appointment or date to write in that title. Yes, I know, I’m sure there are people who find this useful. I don’t.

Having done your best to ensure locations aren’t added to future posts, let’s get rid of the already-existing ones. These instructions are for Evernote 5.0 on the Mac. Find the note, and double-click on it to open it in the editing window. Click on the italic ‘i’ in the top right corner. Then click on the arrow head next to the location field. That gets rid of the location. You may be asked to update the location to your current location; I only needed to say ‘no’ once. Close the editing window and you’re done! Yes, this does reset the updated date, so if that matters, copy it before making your changes so you can change it back again.

There may be a programmatic way to do this, but I only had 5 notes with location information on them, so I didn’t need it.

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  1. Thanks, didn’t realize this was possible! Like you, I’m more interested in privacy than I am in Evernote’s novelty features. Delighted to have gotten rid of this.

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