Nov 202012

I’m sure there are people who like hav­ing Ever­note track where they recor­ded some note, but there are also some of us who don’t. Yes, I tend to be slightly privacy-oriented, or even more than slightly at times. If you’re in that cat­egory, here’s one way to delete the loc­a­tions.

First off, they often come in when you have the Ever­note app on your phone. On Android, to turn off the auto-location, you need to go to the Ever­note app on your phone, go into set­tings, and click on “Oth­er Options”. You should see some­thing that says “Loc­a­tion for new notes” with two pos­sible options under­neath, one for GPS, and one for wire­less net­works. Make sure they’re both turned off. You might like to turn off Auto-title while you’re there, espe­cially if you don’t like Ever­note read­ing your cal­en­dar to find an appoint­ment or date to write in that title. Yes, I know, I’m sure there are people who find this use­ful. I don’t.

Hav­ing done your best to ensure loc­a­tions aren’t added to future posts, let’s get rid of the already-existing ones. These instruc­tions are for Ever­note 5.0 on the Mac. Find the note, and double-click on it to open it in the edit­ing win­dow. Click on the italic ‘i’ in the top right corner. Then click on the arrow head next to the loc­a­tion field. That gets rid of the loc­a­tion. You may be asked to update the loc­a­tion to your cur­rent loc­a­tion; I only needed to say ‘no’ once. Close the edit­ing win­dow and you’re done! Yes, this does reset the updated date, so if that mat­ters, copy it before mak­ing your changes so you can change it back again.

There may be a pro­gram­mat­ic way to do this, but I only had 5 notes with loc­a­tion inform­a­tion on them, so I didn’t need it.

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  1. Thanks, didn’t real­ize this was pos­sible! Like you, I’m more inter­ested in pri­vacy than I am in Evernote’s nov­elty fea­tures. Delighted to have got­ten rid of this.

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