Apr 212016

A check­list for mov­ing a Django-Wagtail pro­ject to Python­Any­where. There is doc­u­ment­a­tion on the Python­Any­where site; mine includes things I for­get.

Setup: devel­op­ment and test­ing on my laptop, sta­ging and pro­duc­tion on Python­Any­where.

The help files are pretty good, but I need my own check­list. Right now I’m in the sta­ging mode, but at some stage I’ll be mov­ing to pro­duc­tion. No point fig­ur­ing out the same things twice!

  1. Develop on laptop in a vir­tualenv. Push com­mits reg­u­larly to bit­buck­et account. At some stage squash the migra­tions and clean those up. Four sets of set­tings: dev, test­ing, sta­ging, pro­duc­tion.
  2. Set up account on Python­Any­where that allows the use of Post­gres (it’s an add-on to a cus­tom plan).
  3. Cre­ate vir­tualenv and set up sta­ging web app. Delete vir­tualenv when you real­ise you didn’t use the right ver­sion of Python and the default is 2.7, not 3.5. Recre­ate the vir­tualenv with python 3.5.
  4. Clone the repos­it­ory (using the ssh-keygen instruc­tions). Redir­ect the pub­lic key to a file so you can copy it without line-breaks get­ting in the way.
  5. pip install -r requirements/production.txt (includ­ing psycopg2, which I didn’t need for devel­op­ment).
  6. Cre­ate the Post­gres server, user, and data­base Don’t for­get a strong pass­word for the user (own­er of the pro­ject data­base).
  7. Update the set­tings file with the data­base set­tings.
  8. Set the envir­on­ment vari­ables for the set­tings and the secret key (gen­er­at­or).
  9. Attempt to apply the migra­tions. This will show where you made mis­takes on all the pre­ced­ing steps.
  10. Fix the mis­takes. Reload the web app to see if any­thing shows up. 
  11. Set up the stat­ic file server. Check the stat­ic files are being served cor­rectly.
  12. Cre­ate the Djan­go super­user and log in.

The next step is data, of course.

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