Feb 012017

I coded XML.com in Wag­tail, a CMS based on Djan­go. It works well for my needs and I like Python as a pro­gram­ming lan­guage. One of the big reas­ons I like Wag­tail is that it includes a power­ful enough but not overly com­plic­ated work­flow with roles and a built-in mod­er­a­tion and pre­view sys­tem.

But, I wanted a sys­tem where people could sub­mit news items that would go into the mod­er­a­tion queue without need­ing to sign up for a login first. For­tu­nately, Wag­tail makes that pos­sible, and there’s a nice art­icle by Erin Mul­laney at Wag­tail: 2 Steps for Adding Pages Out­side of the CMS that details all the steps you need. It all worked nicely in more recent ver­sions of Wag­tail (thanks, Erin!) except for one part, the noti­fic­a­tion that the news item is in the mod­er­a­tion queue. That wasn’t a stop-ship item, so XML.com launched without those emails work­ing.

I’ve now found the source of the prob­lem. It turns out that when you sub­mit a news item in this way, it doesn’t have a login iden­tity attached to it (obvi­ously, since there isn’t one). The send_notification func­tion that sends the email uses tem­plates, and these tem­plates use the login iden­tity of the author in the body of the email. Since that doesn’t exist, the whole func­tion fails. 

That means the solu­tion is easy. The affected tem­plates are wagtailadmin/notifications/submitted.txt and wagtailadmin/notifications/submitted.html, and Wag­tail lets you cus­tom­ize the admin tem­plates. I put my cus­tom­ized admin tem­plates into a utils applic­a­tion, which con­tains all my util­it­ies for the site. My utils/templates/wagtailadmin/notifications/submitted.txt file now has the con­tent

{% extends 'wagtailadmin/notifications/submitted.txt' %}
{% load i18n %}

{% block content %}
{% blocktrans with page=revision.page|safe %}The page "{{ page }}" has been submitted for moderation.{% endblocktrans %}

{% trans "You can preview the page here:" %} {{ settings.BASE_URL }}{% url 'wagtailadmin_pages:preview_for_moderation' revision.id %}
{% trans "You can edit the page here:" %} {{ settings.BASE_URL }}{% url 'wagtailadmin_pages:edit' revision.page.id %}
{% endblock %}

Sim­il­ar changes are neces­sary for the wagtailadmin/notifications/submitted.html file if you want to send HTML emails instead.