Comment Policy


The term “the author” here refers to Lauren Wood or any guest authors that may write one or more blog post­ings, or cre­ate oth­er con­tent soli­cited by Lauren Wood for addi­tion to this web­site.

All com­ments pos­ted on this web site are the sole respons­ib­il­ity of the per­son or organ­iz­a­tion which pos­ted them. The pro­vider of com­ments is entirely respons­ible for all con­tent that he/she/it uploads, posts, emails, trans­mits or oth­er­wise makes avail­able via this web site, includ­ing this web­log. The author is not respons­ible for the con­tent of any com­ments and can­not vouch for the accur­acy or oth­er­wise of any com­ments.

Com­menters retain full copy­right to their con­tent. By post­ing com­ments, they agree to grant the author a non-exclusive right to pub­lish such com­ments on this web site. The author is also gran­ted a non-exclusive right to fur­ther com­ment on and re-publish such com­ments.

Do not post any con­tent that is illeg­al in any way. This includes com­ments that are defam­at­ory or har­ass­ing, or con­tain any trade secrets, or infringe on anyone’s copy­right rights.

Spam will also not be tol­er­ated; I use SpamKarma to mod­er­ate com­ments and will delete any that in my view looks like spam. Not­with­stand­ing this, there is always the chance that some spam will slip through the fil­ters and that it may take a while before I can clean it up, so read­ers of this site may occa­sion­ally encoun­ter some spam. 

Com­ments that are off-topic or repet­it­ive will be deleted at the dis­cre­tion of the author.

I record the IP addresses and email addresses of all com­menters. Sus­pi­cious num­bers of com­ments from one IP address may be deleted if I sus­pect an attempt to delude the read­ers of this site.

I reserve the right to delete any com­ment for any reas­on, or to turn com­ments off on any given post for any reas­on. Com­menters may request that their com­ment be deleted; I will com­ply with reas­on­able requests but reserve the right to com­ment about the dele­tion.

If you pos­ted a legit­im­ate com­ment and it hasn’t shown up, it may be in the mod­er­a­tion queue. Spam Karma flags some com­ments as sus­pi­cious and I have to decide wheth­er to let these through or not. This may take a while, depend­ing on what else I’m doing. It’s also pos­sible that the com­ment was wrongly flagged as spam and auto­mat­ic­ally deleted; if you think this is the case, please email me with suf­fi­cient details that I can find your com­ment and try to restore it (the post you com­men­ted on, the date, your email address and name).

This poli­cy may be exten­ded or changed at any time, depend­ing on the cur­rent state of com­ments.