May 302004

Updating to WordPress 1.2 at the moment; the site may not look so pretty until I get my style sheets sorted out and the tweaks put back.

Update: I now have most of the tweaks in place and the site should work much the same as it did before. I’ll introduce some of the new features over the next little while, so expect some changes on the site.

Using Blogs for Project Management

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May 272004

I chaired the RSS and Weblog day at Seybold San Francisco 2003 (I’d put in a link but there’s nothing useful there that isn’t password-protected). One of the panelists was talking about using blogs for project management, especially when new people are expected on the team. The idea is that new people can come up to speed quickly and don’t need to have mega-mounds of email forwarded to them. Sounds good, but in practice I’m finding that people have a hard time adapting to using more than one method of communication. So many people use email for a simple todo-list tracker and project manager that they send email first and think about maybe doing a blog entry “if they have time” afterwards.

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What WordPress Does Right

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May 142004

There’s been a flurry of interest in WordPress ever since it was announced that MovableType will be moving to a fee-based model. There already was a substantial amount of interest in WordPress. That’s because the people running it (mostly, from what I can see, Matt Mullenweg, and there’s a longer list at About WordPress) did quite a few things right. So here’s Lauren’s Product Management 101, using WordPress as the example.

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Popcorn Pilates

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May 092004

The Pilates studio where I go is, together with lots of other studios, hosting Pilates Day. The first event was watching film of Joseph Pilates in action, accompanied by popcorn, commentary, and lots of laughter and astonishment at his methods. And a hundreds competition, just to get people warmed up.

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May 032004

As a small business owner, I often get people calling up with some survey or another. They want to know whether my business is growing, whether I’ll be hiring more people this year, and what software and services I sell. If these surveys are the basis of the economic polls predicting what’s happening this year, I’d advise the world to discount most of the answers. The questions sounds like they were written presupposing particular answers; since the questions often don’t make sense the answers won’t either.

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