Final Schedule for XML 2005

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Oct 142005

The final schedule is up on the XML 2005 web site and I think it’s the best yet (maybe I say that every year, but there are some really good talks on the program this year). We have big companies talking about what they’re doing, small companies talking about new technologies, and independent people talking about what they’re cooking up in their basements or garages. There are talks for the newcomers to XML, talks for the cynics, and talks for those in between, so take a look!

And of course the tutorials are available for registration; I’d urge everyone who is interested in attending a tutorial to register as soon as possible. If we don’t get enough registrants for some tutorials we need to cancel them, which is disappointing for the conference, and the tutorial presenter, and especially for people who wanted to attend the tutorial but didn’t register in time. You don’t need to attend the conference to attend a tutorial; we try to be flexible to meet attendees’ needs (personally I think you should, of course, but everyone has different ideas as to what they want to do in any given year).

There are also more ways to take part in the conference: every registered conference attendee, as well as registered booth staff, can put up a poster (or two). Posters can be on any (reasonable) subject; posters on new product ideas, new technology ideas, forming groups to work on either of the above, advertising your availability for full-time hire, or advertising your consulting services are all welcome. The poster deadline for guaranteed space is November 4; space may be available at the conference as well, but that’s not guaranteed.

We also have an artwork exhibit each year to show how technology and artistry are not mutually exclusive; any ideas are welcome. These pieces are shown next to the pieces in the exhibit hall, so anyone can admire your work, whether signed or anonymous. Deadline to guarantee space is October 28; there may be space available later as well.

It’s going to be a fun and interesting conference again this year, I can just tell!

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