Nov 142005

I’m in Atlanta, Georgia, for XML 2005. It’s the tutorial day before the conference starts, time to do last-minute items, check the booth, try to recover from jetlag before the big show starts tomorrow. Something akin to the quiet before the storm.

Which reminds me, the closing date for NorthernVoice speaker submissions is coming up soon, it’s November 16 (Wednesday). So put in those submissions if you’re interested in speaking at a low-key, small, interesting conference that revolves around personal blogging. The quality of the submissions we’ve already had is high, but more never hurt – you might come up with an idea that nobody else had!

One way or another, conferences aren’t going away, even if they’re changing in emphasis and tone.

Cats and Quizzes

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Nov 022005

I don’t usually do quizzes, but I couldn’t resist this one. Currently life is a little on the stressful side for me, as you can see:

You scored as Pissed at the World Cat. And here we have the next serial killer. Try having some cotton candy, it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, Psycho.

Which Absurd Cat are you?
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(Quiz spotted at WendyKnits)

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