Oct 232006

Enough acronyms for now – the Call for Speakers for NorthernVoice 2007 is open! Northern Voice is Vancouver’s blogging conference, focussing on personal blogging. This means talks on how to solve some company’s PR problems are not really in scope, though tips on how to run a personal blog when you’re also an executive at a well-known company would be. We’re doing the two-day version again, where MooseCamp is an “unconference” on Friday February 23rd, 2007, and the conference proper is on Saturday February 24th, 2007.

In previous years we’ve held the conference downtown in Vancouver, but we couldn’t get the space we wanted this year. So we’re going out to the UBC main campus, way out west in Vancouver, about as far west as you can go without falling off into the Georgia Strait (note, it’s still in Vancouver proper, south of the Lions Gate bridge). Cyprien managed to get us space in the Forestry Sciences Centre (photos) so we can have all the space we need for talks and the self-organized childcare. I think this will be a fun conference, particularly as I’m not planning on being anywhere else the week before. Last year I was jetlagged, having got back from a trip to Rome the night before, and I still had a good time at the conference.

Other members of the organising committee have blogged it already: Boris, Brian, Darren, and Kris all have their takes on what’s important about this conference.

At the selection meeting I’ll be looking for proposed talks that cover one or more of the groups of people we’ll have in the audience. As a side-note, please don’t just say you can talk about anything. That really doesn’t help us figure out who should talk on what – if you have an idea and we think a variant of it would work better, don’t worry, we won’t be shy in asking you to change focus a bit! I expect we’ll have fewer newcomers to blogging, although we will have some of those; to make up for it I expect we’ll have a certain number of people who feel they’ve already said everything that they can say and want to some tips on keeping up the excitement and interest in what they’re blogging. We’ll have some people who want tips on how to incorporate photos, video, or audio better, and some who still aren’t sure what style sheets are all about. In your speaker submission, tell us who you’re aiming at and what knowledge they need (or don’t); this will help us figure out how to put everything together. This is a fun and educational conference and good speakers are part of that, so please put a bit of time into those submissions to make it easier for us to pick out the good speakers! The deadline is November 28th, and this is a real deadline. Please do use the form and don’t just send us email as we want to make sure we don’t overlook any suggested talks, or lose them in somebody’s over-eager spam filter. Oh, and by the way, let us know of talks you’d like to see, even if you don’t want to give them.

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