Oct 272006

When Eve was visiting a few weeks ago, she said that someone was touring grocery stores in her area teaching people how to eat kiwifruit efficiently. I expressed some scepticism that this was necessary; she assured me it was. For fun I decided to do a photo shoot of how to cut and eat kiwifruit the way I learned as a child in New Zealand (it also gave me an excuse to play around with hosting pictures on Flickr). So here you have the series, enjoy! I do find that kiwifruit from New Zealand taste better, the ones from other countries seem to be less intense and juicy. If they’re not ripe when you get them, put them in a paper bag with an apple to ripen. They keep for some time in the fridge but taste better at room temperature. Once the skin has started to wrinkle, eat without delay as they are on their way to being too soft and squidgy. I have made kiwifruit lemonade for a party which is fun (the green colour is startling to many people) and a good way to use up squidgy kiwifruit.

uncut kiwifruit kiwifruit cut in half start scooping
first portion scooped out first half eaten almost done
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