Aug 142007

Today was my turn to take the boy to his soccer camp; it also turned out to be the day after the police shot someone on a main street. The aforesaid street was completely closed down for a block which caused a certain amount of traffic havoc. I got a close-up look at the deserted street while inching past the yellow “Police – do not cross” tape (it’s on the usual route to the camp). When I got to the camp, I found more chaos in the parking lot, since two-thirds of the lot was blocked off for shooting some film (a common occurrence in Vancouver). I finally made it back home again, only to find the cat in the back yard playing with an almost-dead rat. With the current strike in Vancouver including the garbage pick-up services, the rat population has exploded, so I don’t actually object to the cats catching rats, but I don’t really want to have to watch.

Summer in the city, I guess.

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