Aug 152007

Spams carrying viruses aren’t anything new but every now and again something comes into my email box that is a bit different. Like this one.

Dear user of, mail system administrator of would like to let you know the following.

We have detected that your account was used to send a 
huge amount of spam during this week.
Obviously, your computer was infected and now contains a 
trojan proxy server.

We recommend that you follow our instructions in the 
attachment in order to keep your computer safe.

Virtually yours, support team.

Since the email wasn’t from my ISP, and if there’s a “mail system adminstrator” that isn’t my ISP, it would be me, it’s obvious that this is spam. Even without those clues, the email is suspicious. The worrying thought is that it has perhaps just enough personalization to dupe some people into opening the attachment.

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