Sep 242007

I was chatting with Norm Walsh this morning, and he pointed me at the navigation toolbar he uses for reading specifications. It’s one of those small things that makes the web world more functional. I often miss a couple of days of posts from some blogger on my not-quite-every-day list and this makes starting on one day and working backwards till I’ve caught up much easier. Well, at least for those blogs that implement the rel="prev" and next attributes on the <link> elements in the header.

Of course, after installing the Firefox toolbar, I discovered that the list of blogs that implements these useful links didn’t include mine. It isn’t an integral part of WordPress installations, but since there’s a plugin to do most things anyone ever wants to do, the quick solution (as opposed to programming it myself when I have time) lay just a few searches away. The META Relationship Links plugin does just what I needed.

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