Feb 112008

There’s something about these grey gloomy days that saps my energy. I’m still here, just not blogging much. I do post occasionally to my crafting blog, that seems easier somehow than this “main” blog. I’ll have to think about what that says about my blogging right now. I’m hoping that going to the Northern Voice conference at the end of next week brings back some of my blogging energy.

Oh, if you were thinking about attending that conference, and haven’t yet registered, you’re too late. We have a couple of spots left for MooseCamp on Friday February 22nd (which is when I’m speaking, in the Internet Bootcamp), but the Saturday conference is full. The schedule is looking great, we don’t have to trek across campus in the rain for lunch like last year, since lunch is provided, and I got my flu shot already in case the dreaded lurgy strikes again. So I’m all prepared. Except, of course, for my talk, but I’ve got over a week to get ready for that.

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