Sep 082008

On the way to Balisage in Montréal, the plane flew very low for the first part of the trip, about 19 000 feet (about 5800 m), to escape the smoke from fires in the Okanagan. Unusually for me, I was in the window seat and decided to take some photos of Mount Baker and the other mountains as we flew by. Mount Baker is familiar to everyone in Vancouver who can see far enough south; when we lived in an apartment in Yaletown we could judge the weather and the air pollution by how clear Mount Baker looked. Flying by with such a good view gave me a good chance to see what it looks like from the other side.

Mt Baker

The rest of the photos from the set are up on Flickr, tagged with “mountains”, should you be interested.

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  1. Fires in the Okanagan? Your link points to what appears to be a 2003 story on, which, of course, is no longer there. Did I miss something? (I hope it’s a typo — they got hit pretty hard a few years ago and don’t need another fire!)

  2. Good catch! That was the wrong link and now I can’t find the right one; you’re correct that the extreme fires of 2003 haven’t been repeated recently. But there have been smaller fires around parts of BC, and the pilot said IIRC that it was fires in the Okanagan that he was avoiding the smoke from.

  3. You might like my volcanoes photoset at Flickr as well — it includes Baker and several other Cascade peaks.

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