Feb 232009

I’m thinking of registering a couple of domains. GoDaddy annoyed me with their lame Superbowl ads, and their registration system is equally annoying (far too many screens, all with options I have completely zero interest in). Does anyone have recommendations for good basic registrars? What I want is basic .com|.org|.net, as well as .ca (separate registrars for all of these are ok). I don’t expect to host at the same place I register, so I don’t care about their hosting packages or email setups. A reasonable price and a straightforward way to set the DNS servers is what I’m looking for. Reminders of registrations that are about to expire come in handy as well.

BTW, please don’t flame registrars you don’t like in the comments. Just tell me the ones you do like (adding a sentence on why would be helpful). Intemperate comments run the risk of being deleted.

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