Sep 042009

This year the XML Summer School in Oxford is at the end of September, rather a change from previous years, when it was in July. This morning on the organising call we decided that we need to go punting on the Monday before dinner rather than after dinner, since the evenings will be dark sooner, but that’s about the only drawback to the late-summer timing.

Apart from being heavily involved in organising the event, I’m chairing two courses this year. There’s Trends and Transients, a fun day with lots of discussion and debate about hyped, over-hyped, and current technology issues. This year we have Tony Coates talking about how XML could have saved us from the current financial crisis (somewhat tongue-in-cheek), Paul Downey ranting on what’s wrong with Rich Internet Applications, and Rich Salz telling you what to look for and avoid in cloud computing. The day is capped off by unconference sessions in the evening where everyone gets to have their say in as much length as people will listen to them.

New this year is the other course I’m chairing, the Semantic Technologies course, where Bob DuCharme, Leigh Dodds, Andy Seaborne, and Duncan Hull are joining forces to teach classes in Linked Data, OWL, RDF, SPARQL, and all those other acronyms that are forming the basis of what some people are calling Web 3.0. I’m looking forward to catching up on what’s new in all of these, and figuring out whether some might be useful for a project I have in mind.

I haven’t decided which other courses and classes I’ll sit in on yet; they all look good.

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