Oct 142013

I’m on my third Android phone now, and apparently there is no way to delete the previous phone(s) from my Google Account. The Android Device Manager support page tells you how to find the phone and wipe it, but I wiped them before passing them on to new homes. And I don’t care about their current locations. You can hide a device from the list, but not delete it, and I’m puzzled as to why. Do they need a list of all previous owners of any device? Why?

And, the page to revoke access to Google accounts from these old devices still looks something like this:

Google account revoke access page

and doesn’t tell you which device or account is meant by ‘Android Login Service – Full Account Access’. I guess I could turn off each one in turn and see which I need to turn back on, but it should be possible for Google to put some identifying information there to help with the process, even if it’s only the date on which access was requested.

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