This weblog uses WordPress; I typically update the software soon after release.

For the reasons on why I chose WordPress over other blogging systems, see Weblog Creation and What WordPress Does Right.

Currently I’m using the Barthelme design by Scott Allan Wallick. I’ve made some minor changes, for example to make Atom feeds the default, rather than RSS2.

Plugins: I installed the SpamKarma 2 plugin, which manages to get rid of a lot of spam without my even seeing it, and doesn’t appear to have eaten any real comments so far, as well as the Bad Behavior/Bad Behaviour plugin, which is meant to stop bots before they even reach the site. The related posts part of the single post pages uses Rob Marsh’s Similar Posts plugin.

For statistics tracking, I use StatCounter, although I admit I seldom look at the results.

Updated June 24, 2009

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