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The term “the author” here refers to Lauren Wood or any guest authors that may write one or more blog postings, or create other content solicited by Lauren Wood for addition to this website.

All comments posted on this web site are the sole responsibility of the person or organization which posted them. The provider of comments is entirely responsible for all content that he/she/it uploads, posts, emails, transmits or otherwise makes available via this web site, including this weblog. The author is not responsible for the content of any comments and cannot vouch for the accuracy or otherwise of any comments.

Commenters retain full copyright to their content. By posting comments, they agree to grant the author a non-exclusive right to publish such comments on this web site. The author is also granted a non-exclusive right to further comment on and re-publish such comments.

Do not post any content that is illegal in any way. This includes comments that are defamatory or harassing, or contain any trade secrets, or infringe on anyone’s copyright rights.

Spam will also not be tolerated; I use SpamKarma to moderate comments and will delete any that in my view looks like spam. Notwithstanding this, there is always the chance that some spam will slip through the filters and that it may take a while before I can clean it up, so readers of this site may occasionally encounter some spam.

Comments that are off-topic or repetitive will be deleted at the discretion of the author.

I record the IP addresses and email addresses of all commenters. Suspicious numbers of comments from one IP address may be deleted if I suspect an attempt to delude the readers of this site.

I reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason, or to turn comments off on any given post for any reason. Commenters may request that their comment be deleted; I will comply with reasonable requests but reserve the right to comment about the deletion.

If you posted a legitimate comment and it hasn’t shown up, it may be in the moderation queue. Spam Karma flags some comments as suspicious and I have to decide whether to let these through or not. This may take a while, depending on what else I’m doing. It’s also possible that the comment was wrongly flagged as spam and automatically deleted; if you think this is the case, please email me with sufficient details that I can find your comment and try to restore it (the post you commented on, the date, your email address and name).

This policy may be extended or changed at any time, depending on the current state of comments.

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