This web­log uses Word­Press; I typ­ic­ally update the soft­ware soon after release. 

For the reas­ons on why I chose Word­Press over oth­er blog­ging sys­tems, see Web­log Cre­ation and What Word­Press Does Right.

Cur­rently I’m using the Barthel­me design by Scott Allan Wal­lick. I’ve made some minor changes, for example to make Atom feeds the default, rather than RSS2

Plu­gins: I installed the SpamKarma 2 plu­gin, which man­ages to get rid of a lot of spam without my even see­ing it, and doesn’t appear to have eaten any real com­ments so far, as well as the Bad Behavior/Bad Beha­vi­our plu­gin, which is meant to stop bots before they even reach the site. The related posts part of the single post pages uses Rob Marsh’s Sim­il­ar Posts plu­gin.

For stat­ist­ics track­ing, I use Stat­Coun­ter, although I admit I sel­dom look at the res­ults.

Updated June 24, 2009