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The CSW XML Summer School is where I typically spend the last week of July each year. As the name implies, it’s more like a school than a conference, with the emphasis on teaching immediately useful stuff rather than bleeding edge discourse. I really enjoy going each year and there are lots of reasons for that.

One is the environment, of course. It’s not every day you get to stay in an Oxford College, and the Summer School is usually held in Wadham College, one of the older colleges. It’s close to the Bodleian Library and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, where we had dinner one evening.

Which brings me to the other reason the school is fun- the emphasis on learning within a social environment. So there’s lots of talking about details of systems, and interchange of ideas, over beers in one of Oxford’s many pubs. Or in the above-mentioned museum.

thumbnail of dinosaur

I spoke on factors to consider when modelling information to put into schemas, and pulled together and chaired a day on “What’s Hot and What’s Not” which was extremely thought-provoking. I certainly came back with lots of ideas from it, and others who attended said the same. Here are the people on the firing line… speakers at session

I’ll probably be coordinating and chairing the same type of session at next year’s Summer School.

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