Jan 262005

I’m writing an article for the March issue of the Gilbane Report on some of the uses of blogs and wikis in the corporate world. The Gilbane report appears monthly and concentrates on enterprise content management and related issues at a management level. It used to carry a fairly hefty subscription charge; since January 2005 the articles are now all available free of charge. I wrote an article for the Gilbane Report back in October 2002; the curious may wish to look at The Role of XML in Content Management.

As part of my research for this article, I’d like to hear from anyone who can tell me more about what blogs and wikis really are be used for in the corporate world. I have enough information about PR aspects or, more generally, outward-facing aspects of using blogs, but not enough real information about real companies using blogs or wikis internally. I asked about Using Blogs for Project Management and got lots of “nice idea but we couldn’t quite get it to work” emails. I can think of lots of uses for blogs but what I’d like to be able to highlight are things that people in companies are actually finding useful, rather than nice ideas that might work. Ditto for wikis – they seem to have lots of potential but is anyone realising that potential?

If you are using blogs and/or wikis in the corporate world (apart from for PR; I have lots of people to talk to about that), please let me know. You can send an email, or use the comment form on this site.

Note: when I write an article of this form, I combine things that people are saying into my own interpretation. If I quote someone directly, they will be named with the quote. All sources are listed in the acknowledgements. Once the article is published, I’ll email all sources with the link to the article, and I’ll blog it as well.

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