Mar 092006

“When are you going to post about your Condition” Tim keeps asking (we agreed I could post about it first). The word “Condition” has undertones of Victorian English euphemisms to me, even without the adjectives “delicate” or “interesting”. But I digress…

Our daughter is due in June, although saying “due” somehow neglects the fact that she reminds me several times a day that she’s already present. And active. The now-obvious bump (previously winter sweaters and jackets did disguise it, but not for the last few weeks) is lopsided, depending on which side she’s pushing. Waves of movement travel across the bump, particularly after I’ve had coffee or chocolate; our son finds this all fascinating.

In the FAQ category: We will not be publishing belly shots; the web does not need pictures of me to add to the large number of pregnant womens’ bumps that are already on display. I’ll take some time off starting probably in May for maternity leave, and Tim will be travelling a lot less than usual around that time. Precise details will depend on the baby, my health, and all those other unknown factors.

And no, we haven’t decided on the name yet. We still have time for that.

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  1. That’s a quandry Diane and I didn’t have to face: whose blog to use for the announcement.

    Congratulations to all four of you!

    — David

  2. wow!
    herzlichen glückwunsch!

  3. Congratulations! Congratulazioni!

  4. Congratulations Lauren and Tim!

    (Came here from ongoing…)

    We’re a month ahead of you – “Fred” (our first) is due in May. We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. All very exciting.

    The moving bump thing is great, my wife Jenny keps getting kicked and tickled all the time. He/she, as you say, is very much present.

    With best wishes for the next few months…


  5. Congratulations to all three of you! What exciting news! We wish you great joy, and an easy birth.
    -Emily & Markus

  6. That’s wonderful news! And it sounds like she’s a true techie already, powered by coffee and chocolate.

    — Edd

  7. What wonderful news! Congratulations!


  8. Wow! Such great news. I guess Tim will be busy in the Northern Voice kids’ room next year.

  9. Congratulations! That’s great news.

    –Dethe & Daniela & Mina & Azlen

  10. Whooohooo! Congrats!

  11. To hell with giving her a name; just tag her.

  12. hi tim and lauren,

    I’m an ongoing visitor — congrats!!!

    when I saw “better things to do” — I thought Tim was strangely being kinda rude — but now, I can perfectly understand.

    Is tim gonna be posting about this as well ?


  13. Congratulations Lauren and Tim!
    (I followed the link from ongoing…)

  14. Great news and many congratulations.

  15. wow. congrats! Whee!

  16. How nice! There’s been so much bad news flying around this winter, never had such an onslaught in my family and a friend passed away yesterday, that I saw “condition” and froze. Good thing I kept going, needed the wonderful cheery news of a new Bray Wood! Best to all!

  17. Great news! Congrats to the family.
    – Ian

  18. Hey that’s great!!!!!!!!!!!

    congratulations and celebrations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! How good you would be feeling? Is that so? I never heard of moving bump. Uuuuuuuu how it would feel?

    Congrats again!

    Take care of yourself. May God bless you aand your child hey your family toooooooo.

    Congrats 🙂

  19. Wow, congratulations. I just stumbled on your blog and it looks like we have something in common here, other than being techy. My wife and I had our daughter seven months ago.

    I’ll point out that the child’s response to chocolate and coffee is a response to the caffeine, and it’s not really a good thing for him/her. You may want to talk to your doctor about it.

    Congratulations, again!

  20. Thanks for the congrats, everyone!

    Matthew, my daughter is very active, a little more so after the caffeine (which I seldom imbibe anyway), but not dangerously so. My doctor isn’t worried about it (I asked).

  21. Good to hear. I was just being cautious. I’ve seen people do.. let’s call it “silly” things. Congratulations again.

  22. Congratulations! I am very happy for the three of you. Enjoy your vacation.

  23. That sounds good as i really need some cheerful news to brighten up my day. Well, being in the same situation as i am expecting my first child sometime during next month. So all the best to me as well!

    Cheers and take care all!

  24. I love to read your blog.

    believe me the best part of doing this community/support site is to get to know people like you and many other members from all around the world and to see their views and learn from them.


  25. Five years ago I had a 5-year plan to have a kid by the age of 30. Well that’s how old i am now and hasn’t quite worked out that. I have a new 5-year plan… So far though, other people’s children are great but very tiring nonetheless (2 nephews, 1 niece). I guess they are a good thing in the long run.

  26. Hi- I am 30 yrs old. Clock is ticking. I have nephews and nieces and love them to death. Hopefully I will find the right guy… Congratulations on your motherhood!
    Trendy Amanda

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