May 022006

Some time ago I promised our son that I would knit him a sweater. He picked the pattern, and the yarn, picking something (of course) in a fine yarn that took seemingly forever to finish. However, finish it I did, eventually.

The pattern is Alice Starmore’s Fife, from the Fishermen’s Sweaters book. It comes in one size only, for an eight-year-old, so it’s a little big on him right now, but won’t be by next winter. There’s a picture at the virtual yarns web site, which is a show case for the Starmore designs (and sells kits and yarn). I knitted my version in Cleckheaton Machine Wash 5-ply Crepe, which I got in Australia last time we were there. They don’t seem to have the same colour any more for that yarn, it’s colour 2181 (pictured in a different yarn). For once in my life I got perfect gauge on the recommended needles! Both stitch and row gauges matched, which made knitting a lot easier – no calculating changes in increases and decreases to match a differing row gauge.

So here’s the sweater, nicely laid out on my new wooly board (great for drying knitted sweaters), photographed on a nice spring day in our back yard.

Fife sweater

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