Oct 042006

I’ve noticed a few blogs disappearing over the past few months, blogs I used to enjoy reading and had pointed out to people. I find it disappointing when people decide to get rid of the entire blog, though of course I defend their right to do so (and to not pay hosting and support costs), since I think the web as a whole loses something when parts of it disappear. And mostly these were blogs I read for interest, for the lyrical writing, or for the subject matter. I’ve become used to the idea that the Web is one big archive, and that information will still be there when I come looking for it again; all I have to do is remember which search terms to use, or bookmark the site. When that assumption is not valid, it seems odd somehow, although a few years ago it would have been normal.

And it’s even odder when the blog just ends, and then disappears, without even a “can’t be bothered any more” final message. The enplaned blog is an example of this. It was an excellent blog about the airline industry, full of interesting information, and one day it just stopped. And not long afterwards the contents of the blog were deleted. And if anybody knows why, they’re not telling… some thoughts are at the Flight International blog (which has now ironically also disappeared; it used to be at http://bizbuzzmedia.com/blogs/flight_international/archive/2006/05/11/2224.aspx.

So if anyone reading this is thinking of stopping blogging, please do your readers a favour and write a “so long and thanks for all the fish” message to close up, and at least consider leaving the contents of your blog up for posterity. Someone somewhere will thank you for it, even if you never know about it.

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  1. That’s how I felt when Lines & Splines, the typography blog disappeared.

    Successful blogs should go one step further than a “thank you and goodnight” message — they should offer the blog to their readership to manage. Or at least get someone who would agree to continue hosting the site.

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