Oct 162006

We’re planning on travelling to Australia for a vacation, and since the baby will shortly need a new car seat anyway, I was hoping to get one that matches Canadian and Australian standards. Britax makes car seats in each country but when I called them they said the Canadian car seats did not meet Australian requirements (hard to believe they can be all that different, I assume she meant that the car seat isn’t certified in both countries).

Does anyone know of a car seat that can be used for a big infant under the age of 1 (in Canada, that means rear-facing) in both countries? Or have suggestions? When we’re in Australia we’ll mostly be with friends rather than driving rentals, hence the desire to take our own car seat.

This is one place where true international standards would be helpful… I wonder why every country needs its own?

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  1. If you feel comfortable asking. Ask your friends if they or their friends have one you could borrow. This is something that I have done while traveling in the past. This way you don’t have a car seat you don’t need and you have one that meets the needs of the area you are in. You can return the favor by loaning yours out to a friend in need in your home town.

  2. Yes, that’s what we ended up doing.

  3. Hello,

    I would go to some forums for traveling or new mothers (new mothers forums would be good for car seat info), and other things like that.

    You can find a bunch in Google using a search term like… car seat review “forum”

    Notice the “forum” . It’s important that the ” stay there for a more targeted serach.

    Hope this helps!

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