Nov 282006

I have the good fortune to work with Pat Patterson at Sun and one of the things we discussed quite a lot shortly before I went on maternity leave was how to make it easier for people to use Liberty protocols for their identity needs. One of the complaints I’ve heard is that there isn’t enough sample code in the world showing how to use and implement SAML. Given that Sun’s Access Manager does implement SAML, along with various other Liberty Alliance standards, it seemed like it should be possible to put together some sample code that uses Access Manager. And, given that Access Manager is now open source as part of OpenSSO, it made sense to create another open source project. But, this project should use languages other than Java, to give the LAMP (or MARS) developers and implementors some code that they can use, tweak, and further develop. And put back into the project of course <grin>. I came up with a bunch of useless names, and Pat came up with Lightbulb (goes with LAMP). Then as I waddled off into maternity leave, Pat did the programming and came up with a way to implement a SAML 2.0 service provider in pure PHP, without even needing the OpenSSO or Access Manager code.

Pat’s giving a webinar on this tomorrow morning Pacific time; you need to register for it first.

We’re hoping that other people will contribute relevant code, in any language, for people to use when they want to implement or integrate SAML capabilities into their systems, whether they’re blogging systems, wikis, or anything else where identity management is useful. The project is located here; it’s easy to join, add a sub-project, and commit some code. Or just browse and see what’s there and what’s useful. Have fun!

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