Jun 272007

Most years I get to speak at the XML Summer School put on by CSW in late July in Oxford, England. Last year I didn’t go since I’d just had a baby 6 weeks before and the family succeeded in talking me out of it. This year I’m going again. It should be a lot of fun; the idea of the school is to get a bunch of experts as teachers who go along with the attendees to all the social events, so the attendees can ask questions while everyone is in the pub or wandering around the Old Bodleian Library. Questions while punting are best not directed at the punter, of course, and the rest of us are usually too busy laughing anyway.

With sessions on web services (including identity and security), content and knowledge with XML, XSLT, XSL-FO and XQuery, Teach Yourself Ontology (that one’s new this year!), Building XML Applications, and XML in Healthcare, there’s lots to choose from. I’ll have to choose which days I attend carefully, there’s always too much going on.

I’m speaking in the Trends and Transients track (which I chair each year, even when I’m not there) with Jeni Tennison and Dan Connolly; I’m talking about Web 2.0 while they’re talking XML Processing and Microformats respectively. I even got my presentation deck finished, and only a couple of days late! For the last session of the day, I get the other track chairs to spend five minutes telling us what they think are this year’s hyped or under-appreciated technologies, followed by a panel session of all the day’s speakers. There is always some controversy around people’s opinions, even of these supposedly dry technical subjects. For a sample, check out the YouTube video of Bob DuCharme’s talk (rant?) last year (the video and sound quality’s not great, but adequate).

CSW is offering a special deal this year, speakers get a special code that people can use for a discount on registration. So if you are thinking of attending, email me for the code, either at my Sun email address or my Textuality email address. Unless you’ve already got a code from one of the other speakers of course…

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  1. With any luck the floods will have gone down by the time you get there. As you may have heard here in the UK some areas are having a very bad time. Fortunately Oxford missed the worst of it.

    Enjoy your trip

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