Jul 192007

I’m leaving for Oxford this afternoon; haven’t had much time for blogging in the last few days, what with recovering from the Berlin trip and getting ready for this one. Not to mention coping with an extremely clingy toddler, who gets jealous of Mummy’s laptop, and the phone, and anyone who dares get in between us. Wish me luck on the flight – she’ll either be a perfect little angel because she has me to herself or (and this is more likely) drive me completely bonkers.

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  1. Enjoy it, Ma.

    Today is my first born’s 18th birthday. I can tell you to the minute where I was 18 years ago today… I only wish I could account for the intervening minutes since while he grew up. Someone raised him. It must have been his Ma. I only watched in minutes between going somewhere and going somewhere else. The “cat’s in the cradle…”

  2. Enjoy each and every minute you have with your daughter. My son was 3 when diagnosed with wilms tumor (kidney cancer) yes hes thriving now but there was a time during that ordeal when we thought we would lose him. Even when she makes you crazy thank God for the gift he’s bestowed upon you………………..

  3. It’s very beautifully.

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