Oct 032007

I’ve worked at companies that did Myers-Briggs/Keirsey temperament testing on people, and just for fun decided to try out another couple of tests over the last couple of months, most recently at mypersonality.info. It seems my personality type wanders, from INTJ to INTP and over to ISTJ. Either that, or I look at myself differently on different days, or respond unexpectedly to nuances in questions. At least two of the four axes are reasonably stable, even if the other two aren’t. Fortunately nobody I know takes this stuff too seriously; as the sites say, these are all tendencies rather than absolutes.

Another interesting point: all three of those personality types are said to be more prevalent in males than females. And probably more prevalent in the career path I’ve chosen as well.

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  1. It is waaaay more fun to work out what the test is looking for and answer noisily. The drama coach referred to that as ‘acting’. Anyone who can modulate their personality can push the tests in any direction they desire on any given day…. And Should.

    Are we the generation that learned how to play with the heads of others then discovered it is an addiction that could only be satisfied by inventing the web so we could play with lots and lots them? Maybe that is the true test. We’re devils.

    The only thing I wanted to know after the last Myers-Briggs was did I pass and will I get to be on the Personality Honor Roll.

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