Apr 212009

One of my current projects is as Course Director for the revamped XML Summer School in Oxford, England. John Chelsom asked me to help out and I was only too happy to say yes; I have many fond memories from previous years. It will be more a late-summer school this year, being from September 20-25, but that does free up more of the summer proper for other things, not to mention giving us more time to figure out the schedule and speakers.

Another advantage of late summer for the XML Summer School is that it doesn’t clash with Balisage in Montréal, Canada, which is on August 11-14 (with the symposium on processing XML efficiently on the 10th). Papers for that are due on April 24, so you don’t have much time to get them in if you’re planning on speaking. Any markup-related topic is welcome, as long as it is of sufficient quality and depth.

It’s interesting comparing the two – Balisage is a geek’s conference, unapologetically aimed at people who are think deeply about the issues, even if they’re not applying them at work. The XML Summer School is more like training, aimed at less expert practitioners of and newcomers to XML, and more likely to be attended by people who want to go back to work the next week and apply what they’ve learned directly. A few of the speakers are the same, of course, and the discussions over dinner tend to veer in some of the same directions.

And, of course, both conferences are on Twitter; Balisage at http://twitter.com/Balisage and the XML Summer School at http://twitter.com/xmlsummerschool.

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