Feb 132013

I’d like a do-over of the last 24 hours, preferably without any of the following:

  • My son hurt his knee badly at judo last night, which necessitated a trip to emergency until after 1 am. The doctors and nurses at BC Children’s Hospital are fantastic, but even so it took 4 hours, 9 pm – 1 am. During which time our neighbour stayed in our house so the 6-year-old could sleep in her own bed – thanks again Michel! He’s now on crutches with a knee-brace until he gets to see the orthopaedic specialists, which hopefully won’t take too long. They’ll call us, we’re told.
  • The morning after the night before was a bit of a bust, but I managed to get the 6-year-old off to school on time. From which I had to pick her up again at 1:15 pm as she was complaining of an ear-ache.
  • And then the toilet was plugged, comprehensively. Whoever came up with toilet augurs did the world a service.
  • Of course, all this happens while I’m in single-parent mode. I don’t know how those who are in permanent single-parent mode cope. My biggest consolation is that I don’t have any major projects currently due, so taking time to deal with family issues is not the problem it would otherwise be.

Can I have a nice, peaceful, rest of the week, please?

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