Oct 302014

I’ve been trying out Google App Engine, for which I signed up with the Google account where I just enabled 2FA. Of course, that means changing the way I update the uploaded trial application; the standard Google password has to give way to either a specific application-based password, or OAuth 2. OAuth 2 is obviously (to me) the better way to go.

The documentation is reasonably straight-forward. It even works as documented, assuming you’re signed in with the right Google account on your default browser. My workflow is a little different – my main browser (Firefox) is signed into my main Google account, and I sign into my other Google account (which I’m using for this development project) on Chrome. Copying the URL from Firefox to Chrome to allow the appcfg application access to that Google account worked; it’s refreshing to see. I get tired of web applications that use some hidden JavaScript magic and give you nonsensical results if you copy a URL from one browser to another.

There’s something appealing about OAuth 2, even if it appears a little too magical at times (a bit like git; when it works it’s magical, when it doesn’t, good luck!)

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