Aug 222012

A large part of my decision to move back to technical work, and less project management, was due to how much fun it was last year working on the web applications course for the XML Summer School. And now it’s that time of year again to brush up on my coding for this year’s version. Fortunately, although I’m running a bit late in my preparations, Matt has done sterling work getting the code base working, and Norm and Paul are doing their bits too.

This is all very different to the healthcare document analysis I’ve been doing recently, so I need to refresh my memory on Ruby, Sinatra, OAuth, and co, as well as catch up on recent changes (in particular to OAuth2, which finally made it to RFC not so long ago). Last year I worked through Singing with Sinatra; this year I get to see what Matt did for our XML web publishing application (taking XML files, converting to HTML for browser viewing, adding various webby bells and whistles) before the delegates do.

I’m mostly talking about the security and identity aspects of web sites (as well as helping out on the other sections), with the stated aim of making everyone paranoid enough to be careful. The hackers are getting more sophisticated these days, which means website coders have to be more careful.

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